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(Partners since 2006)

The Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund, called RGF, administers the travel guarantee scheme in Norway.
Their most important tasks are to ensure that organizers of package tours provide a statutory guarantee and that travelers receive a refund of their advance payments and/or an alternative return trip when an organizer goes bankrupt.

You get this guarantee when you buy trips with IceTour


(Partner since 2006)

Icelandair is one of Europe's leading airlines with flights to and from Iceland, and further across the Atlantic to the USA and Canada. Icelandair offers safe and reliable flights with excellent service to major cities on both sides of the Atlantic.


(Partner since 2015)

For 130 years, Helly Hansen has been a pioneer in developing high-quality clothing for protection and against wear and tear in work and leisure activities. Their experience and competence enable them to make and produce clothes worn in extreme work situations. Quality and functionality directly affect the user's well-being, health, and safety. Helly Hansen also offers a wide range of tailor-made solutions.


(Partners since 2006)

Arctic Trucks is a world-known 4x4 car builder and represents the ideal of the famous Icelandic monster car.

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