Please pay attention to our payment process to ensure the best possible service to our customers. Delayed payment gives the organizer the right to terminate the order. If the booking shall waive from the application or include additional benefits such as single rooms, excursions, etc., it must be confirmed in writing by IceTour.

Deposit varies by date of payment and season: the order's size, hotel type, and period are also emphasized. Once the booking is confirmed, the customer shall pay a 25% deposit of the agreed amount.

We must have a 25% deposit for all tours for the estimated total cost for the group.
This must be paid as soon as the tour is confirmed.

Remainders must be paid and registered within two weeks before departure. Unless otherwise agreed in advance.

During the tour, extra bills incurred by the group charged to IceTour are billed immediately after returning home with a 10-day due. After the maturity, there will be charged an invoice with a 2% interest of delay.

The cabins must always be tidy when you leave the last day, and all utensils have to be washed or put in the dishwasher. The cabin must be returned in the same condition as when you received it.

Our policy is to find the best possible price from each supplier, if possible, without cost to the customer. But if we have to pay the inspection team's fees, it must be paid by the customer.

If you cancel the program 6 weeks before departure, we charge 10% of the tour cost.

     Cancelation of the hotel:
     12 weeks or less before departure, we charge 10% of the hotel's cost
     8 weeks or less before departure, an estimated 50% of the hotel's cost
     4 weeks or less before departure, an estimated 90% of the hotel's cost
     2 weeks or less before departure, an estimated 100% of the hotel's cost

     Airline tickets:
     Paid deposit for confirmed airline tickets are non-refundable if canceled
     The confirmed number of travelers must be sent to us within 45 days before departure
     The name list shall be sent to us within 3 weeks before departure
     Name change/cancellation after this date can incur additional costs

Travel insurance for each individual is not included in our prices. We, therefore, advise our customers, strongly, drawing travel insurance before your departure to Iceland. 

IceTour has the right to cancel a tour if the following conditions are present: Unforeseen events or conditions one could not have been foreseen when the registration was binding, such as war, or a state of war, natural disaster, epidemics, labor conflicts, etc. (force majeure) makes it difficult or not advisable to proceed with the trip.

IceTour defines deficiency as following: If IceTour has failed to provide information or has provided false information about conditions that would normally be significant, situations the travelers have advised that is of importance, or which otherwise clearly emerges is of the impact of the traveler. When determining whether a deficiency exists, it shall be emphasized that certain information was given - or not given may have affected the traveler's decision to travel or the travel agency's choice. Deviations that the traveler may expect happen from time to time and are of minor importance are not considered deficiency: See example in this, a point a - e.

a) Delayed departure or early departure due to circumstances the tour operator carriers do not have control over.
b) Deviations from normal weather and temperature conditions or other conditions related to climate.
c) Any condition due to the passenger's own negligence.
d) Conditions that disturb the traveler's rest conditions that are not under the organizer's control.
e) Deviations due to a third party that's not under the organizer's control. Or which is outside of his control, is not regarded as defective when the conditions are now regarded as normal/ordinary. 

The traveler has the right to demand a deficiency corrected if this does not involve disproportionate disadvantages or costs for the organizer concerning the deficiency's impact on the traveler. The organizer has the right to fix the deficiency if he offers this no later than in acquaintance with the traveler's complaint.

IceTour reserves the right to make typographical errors and any changes to the travel conditions.