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Private tour in Iceland with guide

A private tour with a good guide will always give you the best possible experience when visiting Iceland, especially if you are traveling to Iceland for the first time. 

IceTour offers once in a lifetime experience hiking tour to Gelingadalir volcano. Live volcano eruption is something you will never forget. Let us help you witness this first eruption of its kind for more than 4000 years in Iceland. For more information!

For our private tours, we always use SUV with 4wd, which is necessary for the summertime when visiting the famous highland in Iceland. But you can also upgrade from normal SUV 4wd to our impressive Super Jeep for one day or more if you, for example, like to drive up on a glacier in summer or winter. With Super Jeep, you can also visit the highland during wintertime. If we change from SUV 4wd to Super Jeep during the tour, we always use the same experienced Icelandic driver. 

If something is unclear, please contact us at

Suggested program

IceTour can pick you up at the airport

Upon arrival at Keflavik International Airport, 50 km away from Reykjavik, your prived driver-guide can pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.  On our way to Reykjavik, we can stop at Blue Lagoon, close to the airport. 


  • If you want to stay in a hotel in Reykjavik, we can arrange hotels and restaurants in all categories. 

  • You can also start your trip by staying in a hotel outside Reykjavik for seme nights and staying the last nights in Reykjavik. Here we recommend hotels on the Sout Coast, depending on how long you are staying in Iceland. 

  • If you are traveling to Iceland because of the beautiful nature, we highly recommend some nights out of Reykjavik. 

Why using IceTour

Our specialty is to adapt the program to the weather. If we are staying at a centrally located hotel outside of Reykjavik, it is much easier to achieve optimal results, with short driving distances to beautiful nature and various activities. 

Baldvin, the owner of IceTour and our main guide, has for over 25 years used hotels and cabins outside of Reykjavik to maximize experiences for his customers. Without exception, our customers love it. 

Attractions that can be found in about 60-80 km radius from central accommodation: 

  • Some of Iceland's most beautiful waterfalls like; Gullfoss, Skogarfoss, Seljalandsfoss

  • Geysir and various hot springs

  • Secret Lagoon 

  • Lava with thick and beautiful moss

  • Different glaciers like; Langjökull, Myrdalsjökull, Eyjafjallajökull

  • Moon landscape

  • The ferry to the fantastic Westman Islands

  • Hekla volcano

  • Beautiful Thorsmörk

  • Snowmobile safari

  • Quad bike safari

  • Buggy safari

  • River rafting 

  • Icelandic horse

  • lava cave 

  • Glacier walk

  • Diving/snorkeling in the worlds cleanest water at Silfra


To name a few possibilities!

This is what we can include in our private tour package:

  • Private Icelandic driver-guide every day

  • Hotel or cabins include breakfast

  • Lunch every day

  • Dinner every day

  • Blue Lagoon, comfort package

  • Services according to your own wishes 

  • Activities of your choice. 

To ensure the best possible program at the best possible price, please send us an inquiry about your wishes at 


Example of different day tours, se link under:

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