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FAQ - About Iceland

A private tour with a good guide will always give you the best possible experience when visiting Iceland, especially if you are traveling to Iceland for the først time. For more information, click here. 

  • Is it better to visit Iceland in the summer or in the winter time?
    All season in Iceland has its own character. Puffins and many other birds can only be seen in the summer season. The colors are beautiful in the autumn. But the winters season from February - May is stunning if you travel with Super Jeep and experienced driver-guide.
  • If you did not get answer for your questions?
    Please feel free to email or call if you have any questions.
  • When is the best time to see the northern lights in Iceland?
    You can normally see the northern lights from end of September through March when the nights are long in Iceland. However, there are no guarantee for northern lights! Most people that are traveling to Iceland to see norther lights make the same mistake, staying all the nights in Reykjavik. If you want to increase your change to see the northern lights you should stay in the Geysir area. Then you can drive for one hour in all directions depending on whether conditions to find the northern lights.
  • What kind of close should I bring with me?
    No matter what time of year you are planing to visit Iceland, always pack some warm and water-resistant clothes and good shoes. Iceland is known for at the weather can change quickly anytime of the year. Remember to bring your swimsuit because of all the outdoor geothermal pools that are open year-around and you must try when visiting Iceland.
  • Are the Iceland people happy?
    Iceland is known as one of the happiest places on Earth, according to the World Happiness report.
  • Is it safe to travel with IceTour?
    Absolutely. IceTour is a member of one of the biggest Scandinavian Travel Guarantee Fund called IceTour has been a member since 2006 which gives you one of the best travel guaranty in the world when you buy travel package to Iceland. You can also pay your tour with all major credit cards that gives you extra guaranty.
  • What is Iceland known for?
    Iceland is the country of fire and ice. The home of some of the largest glaciers in Europe that is possible to visit with our Super Jeep all the year around, and some of the world's most active volcanoes.
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