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Three-day tour with private guide in Iceland

A private tour with an experienced guide will always give you the best possible experience when visiting Iceland, especially if you are traveling to Iceland for the first time. 

IceTour offers once in a lifetime experience hiking tour to Gelingadalir volcano. Live volcano eruption is something you will never forget. Let us help you witness this first eruption of its kind for more than 4000 years in Iceland. For more information!

We always use SUV 4wd for our private tours, which is necessary for the summertime when visiting the famous highland in Iceland. If you want to visit the highland during wintertime or drive on top of a glacier in summer or winter, you can upgrade the vehicle from SUV 4wd to our impressive Super Jeep. 

If something is unclear, please contact us at

Program with price

Day-1. Active volcano hiking tour.

Please note: IceTour reserves the right to adjust this day tour and take different routes depending on conditions and your safety.  

Highlights of the day: 

  • Hike with a private guide to the Geldingadalir live volcano eruption

  • Coffee and Icelandic Viking donut (kleina) by the volcano 

  • Grilled lunch out in nature after the hike

  • After lunch, your private guide take you sightseeing to different spots in the Reykjanes area depending on your whiches and conditions

Day-2. Classic Golden Circle tour.

   Highlights of the day: 

  • Dyrafjöll and Grafningur road (1. June - 31. September)

  • Thingvellir National Park

  • The Althing, the oldest parliament in the world

  • Gullfoss, Iceland's most famous waterfall 

  • Haukadalsheidi (1. June - 31. August)

  • Geysir geothermal area

  • Strokkur the most active Geysir in the world

Day-3. Famous South Coast tour:

    Highlights of the day: 

  • Eyjafjallajokull, seen from a distance

  • Skogarfoss, 60-meter high waterfall that you walk close to and feel the spray  

  • Skogarsandur, black beach

  • Dyrholaey, a big rock in the black sand

  • Reynisfjara, the most famous black beach in Iceland

  • Seljalandsfoss, 70-meter high waterfall that you can walk behind


Important about this tour. We don't offer a price per pers but only a total price for a three-day tour.

​The total price for a three-day tour for up to 7 passengers is Euro 2.970

Following is included in the three-day tour:

  • Private Icelandic driver-guide, three days

  • SUV car with 4WD for 1-7 passenger, three days 

  • Lunch is included, three days**

  • We will pick you up at your hotel. 

  • Every single day tour takes about 8 hours. 08.00 - 16:00

Option: If you are more than 7 passengers, please send information about how many you are!

Please send us a request with information about travel days, your hotel and how many you are. 

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